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Episode 1 - Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses Available Now!

Tune in to Ep. 1 featuring Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses all red penned up !  Here is the Hallmark description: Weeks before Christmas, Abbey is hired to decorate the estate of businessman Nick. But to do her job well, she must figure out how to break down the wall between her and Nick, all while keeping the holiday spirit alive. What on earth will happen?  You can find out on HALLMARKED UP Episode 1! Apparently, this started as a novel....not sure that was necessary, but find out what it's all about.  Now appearing in more places! MORE PLACES TO LISTEN

Preview Episode Available now!!!

Let the adventures begin.  Have a listen as Mary and Sarah introduce you to their concept for Hallmarking Up this season's latest Christmas soon to be classics in 2019.  Available on Spotify...soon to be others...and of course here: Happy Hallmarking! e: IG: hallmarkedup

Coming soon HALLMARKED UP! A New Podcast!

COMING SOON! S tarting in late October 2019, Mary and Sarah introduce their new podcast, Hallmarked Up!  This podcast will feature rewrites of the plot lines of new Hallmark Christmas movies. Surely today's women don't have to be helpless on the side of the road anymore than today's men have to be adorably helpless on the skating rink. And there can't possibly be this many woman in America leaving their city jobs to reunite with flannel-clad exes at the family tree farm/bakery/toy store while Santa looks on with a twinkle in his eye. Tune in each week to see how Mary and Sarah update these lame but love-able (*gag*) new movies for today's smart women (and the guys who appreciate them). This year's line up includes: New posts available here, @Spotifty, @Anchor.FM and coming soon to wherever you listen to you all your podcast favs!  Check us out on IG @hallmarkedup